Feng Shui Bedroom

I renewed my interest in rearranging furniture today. It only took one complaint that triggered my impulsive drive to do so. There was always something about Feng Shui that kept me in tune with the do’s and don’t’s. I quickly searched for some references on bedroom placement and sketch out a possible layout. After evaluating the sketch that it is proportionally feasible in the limited space I had, it was executed. Usually, it would take me half a day to finish rearranging, but today it only took roughly 4 hours to complete the task. Perhaps, it was the sketch instead of going with instincts.  I learned how to compartmentalized my room into 9 squares; where each one corresponds to a section of the BaQua. Here are steps:

1) sketch the layout of your room, like it would appear on a blueprint.

2) Try a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on the sketch. Your entrance to the room should be on the bottom right square

3) The different section should correspond to the following

First Row (L to R): Wealth-Fame-Relatioships

Second Row (L to R): Family-Health-Creativity/Children

Third Row (L to R):  Knowledge-Career-Friends/Travels

(The above photo is a reference to a BaGua)

3) Now you’re ready to arrange furniture or objects that correspond to the layout. For example: in the knowledge region = a bookcase will suffice, family= pictures, etc.

4) Remember that the most important thing at the end of the day is the comfort. Sometimes, instinct may be the best judge.

Lastly, a few things to avoid in bedroom arrangement:

a) bed should not point directly to the door

b) try not to put a bed against a wall if space permits

c) bed should not point directly to a mirror

If you want to find the best direction to face, you can calculate your BaGua number. You just need your the year of your birth. For example: if your birth year is 1987. Take the last two digit and add them. So in this case add 8+7=15. We want single digits so we add the digits from the previous sum  like this 1+5 = 6.

Now depending if you’re a female or male you add or subtract 5 . If you’re female then you add 6+5 = 11, we want a single digit so we add digits from the sum like this 1+1=2. Your Kua Number is 2. If you’re male then you subtract 5 from 6 = 6-5=1. Your Kua number is 1.

KUA NUMBER For Money and Success To Improve Health To Attract Love For Personal Growth
1 Southeast East South North
2 Northeast West Northwest Southwest
3 South North Southeast East
4 North South East Southeast
5 Female Southwest Northwest West Northeast
5 Male Northeast West Northwest Southwest
6 West Northeast Southwest Northwest
7 Northwest Southwest Northeast West
8 Southwest Northwest West Northeast
9 East Southeast North South

(source: from About.com)

Usually the Kua number are divided into the East or West group. East groups composed of Kua numbers 1,3,4, 9. and the West Groups are those with 2,5,6,7,8.


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