Dabbler’s Strength

a dilettante, a dabbler, is that even me?

I have developed an interest in many areas. Some say that I’m a dabbler or some sort. Some say I am lucky to have so many options. Some say that I have no focus. But what exactly is it? I have been contemplating…”what is something that I am strongly passionate in?”, “what do i want to do with my life?”, “what’s realistic of all these options?”. There are no real solution. As I listened and read about  those who have succeeded and reached where they wanted to be, a common theme is to dream about it and gradually you will stumble upon it. I wonder if this happens because our mind is unconsciously working behind the scene to guide us towards the right path? Whatever this is, I know I am not the only one perplexed on this ubiquitous questions.

As I’m thinking, for those who know what they want to do.. what was the one or two things that motivated their interest? I’m curious what the stimulus is. Would it be  a childhood inspiration? the environment? I feel like for those who grew up in impoverish families, their drive is a lot stronger than those who are in the middle class. Why is that? Is it because we have everything taken care of and there’s no rush to become great? or Perhaps, our personality dictates our actions? or is it  experiences? or is it a talent??

As another thought trickles in, perhaps it is the insecurities for not covering all our bases that leaves us in the dabbler’s area. We want to occupy our brain with knowledge on multiple things rather than one thing. However, there’s the problem. The community praises those who specializes. Job and occupations were assigned in a way that reinforce the importance to specialize in one area. Maybe not, maybe there’s a balance. Perhaps there’s an infrastructure. There are people who specialize and those who oversees all the specialization (the oversee-er will need to be a dabbler in order to grasp the whole picture) Ah.. that’s the balance. I guess regardless if you’re a dabbler, or not, there’s room for you in the society. After all, everybody is a part of the puzzle. Some will just need more work to figure out where they belong, and some will be need more time  to be found. Despite all the possibility, the formula will always require a dose of courage……………….. I need to be bold. Someone sprinkle some confidence on me.



One thought on “Dabbler’s Strength

  1. haha.. just came across your blog…seeing your ad on google chat.

    ting..ting..ting…(sounds of sprinkling confidence) on you. Are you some sort of cupcake? hahahaha

    I cannot agree more with your perspective on this topic. I’m in the same boat. Really, those thoughts and questions you’ve mentioned occurred to me as well, and now that I’ve read this, I don’t feel so bad being lost in the big world.

    We’ll make it in the end somehow!

    I truly believe your high spirited nature will carry you through life till the end. You may seem to have a lot of interests but you have always shown to carry out your goals one at time, with great care and determinism. So, don’t worry, pal, you’ll be successful in life, I can assure you that.

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