Reimbursement systems

I was browsing through a few blogs that I follow and this video raised a few inspiring thoughts

What was interesting was not the naming system but the part on China and how the reimbursement system worked. This wasn’t the first time I heard about this “opposite reimbursement system”. I wonder why the United States haven’t embark on this system yet. Surprising, China has been enforcing this system. China has been pioneering the field of integrative east-west medicine and have been quite successful. Are they actually leading the medical field? For sure on medical technology, the west is excelling.. but the art of healing, effectiveness..what philosophy is a better approach? Imagine, a health system that pays doctors to keep patient healthy in the States, we wouldn’t have all this impending chronic diseases. I guess this is why I am interested in Public Health, trying to figure out a way to keep our community healthy by integrating various cultural approach into an optimal approach to health promotion and prevention. In a sense, public health is integrating what works into the society.

On the side note, I received a certificate of achievement for achieving the G-Status!! The award was presented by Billy in a mini-tossing ceremony, which lasted approximately 1/3 second. Anyways, I hung up the award next to my UC diploma. 🙂 Lovely.



2 thoughts on “Reimbursement systems

  1. Interesting system… but i don’t think backward health system won’t work in the capitalist countries. That’s because the health system links to big money. If the doctors only get paid for seeing people’s health while they’re healthy, then hardly anyone in this country will not go see a doctor until he/she gets sick because he/she likes free treatment.

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