Gas and Acupressure

I definitely didn’t see this coming…

It was 10:15pm when my mom came into my room and described the symptoms she’s experiencing. I immediately steered away from what I was doing and dashed into the living room and evaluated what she was experiencing. She complaint about an upset stomach, nausea, dizziness and excessive gas. She was concerned that it was food poisoning but I know it’s not; there were no pain, or  vomiting (i remember Norr talked about these symptoms when she had food poisoning). I was very concern at that moment. Yet, my first response>>I went to the closest computer station and searched on webmd and some self-help website for some tips. It suggested to drink some carbonated drink or juice and I had neither. Another website suggested OTC drugs such as Peptol Bismo to deal with upset stomachs. I wasn’t sure if it’ll work since it’s excessive air in the stomach in lieu of excessive acid in the stomach. Nevertheless, we wanted to try it. However, when we looked in our drug cabinet, we only had expired drugs (BLAH…). I suggested that I quickly drive down the street and get it from a 24-hour pharmacy. Little that I know that the drugstore around my house were not 24 hours. At 10:30pm, I resorted to the closest 7-11 and found a mini bottle of Peptol for around 5 bucks.

I came home and poured the recommended amount of Bismo for my mom and supplemented with a cup of warm water. She seemed better but I wanted to ascertain that she was really okay. Since my mom is one of those people who say it’s “okay” when they are really not (basically the type that don’t want to bother other people because of her own problem).  I stayed in her room for 1/2 an hour to make sure she’s okay . After a few minutes, she’s complained about her dizziness and suggested this pungent Chinese Kuan Lung Oil that alleviates headaches. I helped apply some on the temple, the stomach and suddenly this quick thought of using acupressure/massage ignited. I googled for the acuxo site that I recall the clinicians used and located the Stomach points that might help. I felt her stomach and it was very tight like a filled balloon. So I started massaging the points and suddenly she went into a convulsion of expelling air in both ends. It was rancid from the gas and exhilarating because of the action? But Quite frankly speaking, I was frighten. It was comforting to see that her stomach gradually relaxed while the gass escaped her body. In my mind, I was like…”whew… something is working”. I stopped imagining all those worse-case scenarios. But not until my mom started laughing and said, “those points are like operational buttons, every time you massage those point… air just comes out!” I was relieved and realized that acupressure was actually playing a very effective role. Here are the points where I massaged (below). Finally after a few more minutes of massaging… her stomach deflated from the accumulated gas. Was it the Bismo or Acupressure or perhaps it’s BOTH?? Wow… what an experience.  -S

Stomach Meridian


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