Missing Darkness

Oh why do we all appreciate something after that something is gone…

Imagine something you use everything, like toilet paper. Everyday, I walk into the bathroom, do my bizz and walk out. It’s quite typical. But!! Little did I know how precious those several squares of paper were until there were no more during a big deposit. At that moment, time seem to pass very very slowly until this dilemma is resolved. It’s quite interesting (not my paper-less solution but how time is perceived). As if every critical moment, time would submit itself  into a slow-motion camera until our processing center cranks out a solution.  When I recall this experience, it makes me appreciate what’s around me. Sometimes I overlook on how much I appreciate and value somethings, some animal, someone and etc… Being consumed into my own work schedule and trying to figure out life, I feel like I am focusing too much on myself or am I?

I stumbled on a webpage where it described  how nature/traveling makes a person more compassionate.  Given the opportunities to travel to other countries and witnessing many awe-inspiring scenes, I have developed compassion and even a greater appreciation of the things I have. Perhaps, this is why I am always content and rarely mad.  Along the same lines of broadening perspectives, I discovered a very eccentric restaurant called Opaque where people dine in complete darkness, served by blind servers. I read about it on Boing Boing and the concept is quite inspiring. I presume that people who dine there will gain a new appreciation for not only food but light, communication, the disabled, and their own senses. Imagine that you can’t see what you’re eating. How insecure would that be? Are you eating fish or is it “fish” made out of insect guts. Nevertheless, an dining experience in the dark might be a intriguing endeavor. Perhaps, I’ll try it in the comfort of my own dining table?

Don’t wait,  Love, Laugh, Dance and Live.. NOW!!



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