Walking in the Rain

After a few freezing nights, the rain found its way back into Los Angeles. I like rain. There’s no need for moisturizers, no need to water the lawns. But the best part is walking in it. I think walking in the rain with an umbrella is one of those magical moments. It’s a time to really listen to the environment and the people around you.  The rain washes away the many distractions of industrialization and draws attention to the present.  When it rains, don’t you feel more reflective? more calm? more relaxed. I know i sleep a lot better when it rains. It’s interesting how rainy days are always portrait as dark and gloomy, especially when an adult is alone. Why can’t it be portray like a kid playing in the rain? Are adults lacking the “fun genes” or are they just suppressing it so they can be “cool”.

To-dos in the Rain

1) Sharing an umbrella when it is pouring  (done!)

2) Jumping in big rain puddles (just like below)

3) Eating ice cream (or something cold) outdoors when it’s raining (done!)

4) Mud Sliding (done!)

5) Riding a bike in pouring rain (done!)

6) Kissing in the rain (would be  interesting..)

7) Getting Drenched..


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