Music Mysteries

Music, something I can’t live without. I’m always intrigued on how music can influence or augment a person’s emotions. A good song can lift up the energy in a night club, a soulful song can ward off  awkwardness and stress at a coffee shop, and a worship song can be uplifting. It’s amazing how our body interacts so well with music. When a toddler hears music, it will start bouncing to the beat. Who taught them about rhythm? I remember some studies showed that even fetus reacts to music! Does it mean that our mind is programmed to react to rhythms/music? As a musician, I personally experience the effect of music. It is difficult to describe it in words but when I am playing or listening to harmonious music, it is so smoothing. It almost has an effect of a narcotic drug? perhaps, I feel so engaged that I feel like I have entered a different world. What is this effect behind music? I wonder if there are scientific evidence linking the effect of music to the brain. i’m not surprise if music can stimulate the release of certain hormones. Wouldn’t it be weird, if music can actually control or influence the mood a person is in? Then people who composes music are empower to a special ability to influence others (not that they are not already). I just wonder…would the music overpower the lyrics? Do they have an additive effect? Perhaps, can human being ignore the emotions implied by songs? I will definitely need to do some more exploring in the area.

A few books that I have added to my library about Music

1. Musicophia by Oliver Sacks (read some!)

2. Mozart Effect by Don Campbell (read some!)

3. This is your brain on music: The science of a human obsession by Daniel Levitin (read!)

perhaps when I finish these books and explore the literature in music therapy and music associations with the psyche, my questions would be answer. I wonder if there are any other books I should look into. Oh interesting facts about music therapy. Perhaps, it’s all in our mind… POWERFUL… =D

Music is mysterious, yet miraculous and entertaining.  I love it.



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