Owning my First Robot

Can’t believe our newest member of the family is a robot. Quite frankly speaking, this is my first robot. Perhaps, in a couple more years people would be appalled by that statement. A robot that facilitates chores; I love it. I was very intrigued by its ability that I spent approximately an hour observing what kind of vacuum pattern  Roomba was dancing to and how smart it would be to avoid all the obstacles in my living room. I am certain that Roomba is doing a better job vacuuming than I am. It actually gets all the spots under the bed and drawers that I usually do not touch until spring cleaning.  However, the downside is that Roomba takes forever to vacuum a room as compared to manually vacuuming my room. I guess that’s the trade off. Oh, I am excited for more irobot gadgets to take over more household chores 🙂 . Perhaps a robot maid?



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