Miracles or Coincidence?

Sunday was a very thrilling day? More perplexing than excitement though. At one point, I thought I have dementia but at the end it was a very lucky day.

This is my retrospective commentary: While we ventured to Hollywood to what someone claim as the “best Fish Tacos in LA”, we had to battle our way out of the car from the pouring rain and vicious wind. Perhaps at this point when I swung open the car door , I have  dropped my wallet into the flooding curbs and my wallet has already been flushed down a few blocks.  Before I realized that I dropped my wallet in Hollywood, I assumed that I must of left my wallet at home or snugged it somewhere in the passenger seat. Until I have searched both the house/room and the car at least 3 times, I finally accepted the fact that I have lost my wallet and proceeded to the default checklist of a lost wallet. I called all my credit card/atm card companies and closed all my accounts. At this point, I still haven’t realized how loosing my wallet is a BIG deal. It felt surreal. However, I did sense that something is missing. I’m not sure how I can describe it but it’s the feeling of “unfinished business”. In my mind, I was replaying all the things I need to replace such as driver’s license, UCLA ID, and how much I need to spend to replace them. However, I continued with my day without any interruptions; baked a cake, taught piano lesson and etc. I guess here’s the BAM… I checked my facebook message email and someone has message me about my wallet. WOAH, is this a coincidence or a miracle. I didn’t know there were such kind-hearted people out there. With no hesitation, she text me her address and told me I can pick it up from her apartment. Wow…. ! So being very “chinese” of me, I prepared a red envelope w/$20 for her. I didn’t know how else to express my appreciation. As Mr. turnip  dropped me off, I gave my “lifesaver” a BIG BEAR HUG X 3 or 4 times, we talked for more than 5 mins and ended with another hug. It’s interesting how I hug strangers? But Seriously at that moment i was SOOO thankful even though the cash/coins and flashdrive in my wallet were gone, everything else is there. Interesting how they didn’t take any of my gift certificates or blank checks. Whew.. What a DAY! THANK YOU THANK YOU FB and THANK YOU to my LifeSaver: Natalia! Now my wallet is air-drying in my bathroom. Perhaps it’s time to get a new wallet!! This all felt like a miracle that happened or is it just coincidence. I feel very LUCKY! Thank you for all those lifesavers out there! It’s amazing how people who you don’t know are willing to lend a helping hand. I start to believe that there are more good in the world than a profit-driven (aka cut throat capitalistic) world. Again, this reminds me that a little difference can mean the world to one person. The change starts from YOU!


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