A spontaneous Friday

I woke up not knowing what to do. I had many decisions to make: should I go to work? should I work at home? should I drive to the west side? should I chill at home? Although I was caught in this gap of indecisiveness, I began working on the list of TODOs that were time sensitive while letting my brain do its calculations. As Time elapse, I have subtly made my decision. I drove to the Westside. Picked up a friend then drove to Newport Beach and enjoyed the coastlines. Reading a book at the beach and listening to the sound of the waves, I haven’t felt so relaxed for awhile. It definitely felt like another one of those get-a-away trips (sorta).

I also had the most McDonald meals in one day: filet-o-fish for lunch (1.29!) then half of a 20 pieces chicken mcnuggets for snack at 4:30pm (only 5bucks!). Dude, I felt gross after finishing those 10 pieces of nuggets. I won’t be craving mcDonalds for awhile.  Then we tried out  “Fish in a Bottlee” for some happy hour sushi. For $9 we stuffed our stomaches with crunchy rolls and sake (what a good deal!). After the meal, it was a must to go on a digestive walk!! It was my first time walking into a Kohl’s and Stater Brothers. I never knew what these places sold. Now, I know. It wasn’t anything out of the norm. Finally, we decided to youtube karaoke the night away…..

I liked how an indecisive Friday turned out to be a spontaneous,  fun productive day! Thanks to all!


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