More Knowledge Needed

I have an ongoing list of things I want to explore and learn more about. If I were to have spare time, I really want to satisfy my thirst for knowledge on these things. I was brainstorming how I can motivate myself to focus or set aside time to develop my expertise or knowledge in these areas and I thought about starting a blog on a specific topic, creating presentations or keeping a record of what I have learned (just in case I forget bits and part of the fact)

==Chinese Language and Culture

==Properties of Music and effect of Music/Music Composition/Music Playing/Music Editin

==Finance/Money Management/Investments/Efficiency

==Prevention/Self-Care/Primary Care/Wellness

==Mind/Body interaction and Social Psychology

==Technological Advances/Gadgets and Applicable Software Skils

==Discovering the Design and Style that Appeals to me

==Authentic FOOD/Culture and Traveling

==Biological Structures

== Fusions of Culture (in music, food, dances, art, technology), effect of globalization

The list goes on….



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