An experience of “Dude, Where’s my car? “

What a first experience. My car was towed at the corner of Gayley and Kelton. It, indeed, left a big hole in my wallet. Hmph..  I guess, it is time to go vegetarian and frugal to compensate for my accidental spending. This is what Chinese New Year money is for:: to buffer these accidents and carelessness.

In retrospect, I imagined I would be in shocked or even have an anxiety attack (like what they do in movies).  But my emotions was nothing close to my conscious. When I realized my car was missing, a stream of thoughts and reasoning clicked into my mind: did someone stole my car? oh my library books are in there? oh my rackets too? Oh i’m glad I didn’t have my laptop in there. Then a flash back to what i should do next: text my friend to let her know i’ll be late b/c of car problems, call my mom to let her know (perhaps she can give me her professional advise) or call the UC PD?

Yes, I called my mom and told her my situation and reassure her that  I will call the UC PD and take care of it. For some strange reason, I felt I had to tell someone who would car enough?! I don’t know what it is that I wanted to phone my mom first. Luckily, I have the UCPD direct line on my phone (when ppl tell you store these numbers, DO IT, you never know when it comes in handy!! I even have the Escort Number!) so I glad I didn’t have to go through 911. As I start describing my car and location, the officer checked and reported that my car was just Towed an hour ago if not minutes. A rush of relief flowed through my body (at least my library books are safe! and I will still get back everything. Although at one point i was thinking of what new car I should get… )  So,  I quickly called the towing services.  It was 10 minutes to Seven, I finally located my car from the Towing Yard. The guy told me to get my butt over ASAP because they close at 7. Here comes the next problem, I need a lift to go to the Towing Yard.

I called my dinner hosts and WALA, I found someone who can take me. Oh I felt like such a lucky rock! Thank you!! I paid up my dues (209$) and ended my DUDE WHERE”S MY CAR EPISODE. What I forgot was the additional parking violation that was clipped on my front windshield. Op! There goes another 80$ so it cost me a little less than 300$. What a costly experience.

The rest of the night only got better with an FULL, plentiful apt cooked dinner (it was shocking to see the variety and volume of food! It was also my first night being a true true carnivore until tomorrow…).   While my wallet is hurting, we laughed the night away. I’m still very amused and amazed on how we can create ingenious analogies and associations! Ha…



One thought on “An experience of “Dude, Where’s my car? “

  1. Aww Sandi, I’m so sorry to hear about your car but glad everything came together in the end.

    Yes..a hurting wallet is very true for this year’s forecast for me but hopefully this was an isolated incident for you.

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