This is my first experience of Laryngitis aka “losing my voice”

It started on Friday night then my situation exacerbated.. (well it’s not that severe as it sounds since i can still whisper and squeal?) But it’s pretty bad. I picked up the home phone and my aunt could not make out what I was saying. Basically, I was a mute person (but I still attempted to scold at my little cousins… -__-). I should of done some research on acute laryngitis earlier so I can avoid doing things that would make my situation worse (i.e. whispering a lot, swallowing saliva, eating spicy food, attempt to use my whisper voice to youtube Karaoke and….).

Well at least, I webMDed some facts on Laryngitis and have a general idea what is happening to my body. And guess what.. I also did a search on  alternative approaches (how predictable of me?) to treat laryngitis (i.e. homeopathy, TCM Herbs). I really want to understand the TCM theory behind laryngitis but I have not master my TCM foundations yet.  Man,  I should of saw this swelling coming when I had sore throat problems (which subsided with some honey, mint tea). Then I noticed my uvula was bright red (but I thought this was just an extended symptom of my sore throat, I guess it’s warning for other things).   But I’ve been drinking a lot of liquid and special tonic Tea to relieve my throat. I hope I get better soon… it shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks but it might take a week to get better. If I rest more, I may recover faster (crossing my fingers).

I must rest more.


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