Thoughts from watching Movies

Never thought watching a few DVDs will give me such thoughts.

2012: It was an entertaining to see the world collapsing throughout the movie but I thought there were some gaps that left unexplained. But I did gain quite a few insights from the movie.

1) I wonder if people would choose to risk their lives to save other strangers

2) the term humanity, what is it really?

3) how prepare is the world for catastrophe?

4) you see the real person (within) in times of crisis

5) why can’t people be more caring in general

6) Who will you call when you’re in a emergency? and what would your last words be?

This is it: documentary on MJ. I felt myself moving (or dancing) to the music throughout the whole thing. Now, I really have more respect for MJ: how a person can be so true to what they believe. It’s really amazing to see how someone is so focused in what they are doing. It makes me wonder what in the world am I passionate about. I only know the things I dislike but not necessarily the things i’m passionate about.

Oh, new realization: I like rice noodles (weird)



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