Food brings ppl together..why?

A typical day-to-day thought after work: “what should I do?” My choices were 1) drive home in traffic 2) find something to chow on 3) go to the magazine racks at the bookstore 4) exercise or bike riding. My stomach will always fight for numero 2 and my mind will hit another dilemma: “what should I eat?”. Now here is what I realize from these  two days during Chow Time.

Day 1: eating alone

It was time to leave work and I was loitering around Westwood, trying to complete all my errands. As it approaches dinner time, I phoned a few friends to see if they were free for dinner but no luck . Every body had dinner dates or already have plans with other people. I was hoping to join one of them but didn’t want to invite myself to events. Instead, I ventured off to test out a reputable persian ice cream shop called Rose Ice cream on Westwood. I tried the Sapphire, Pistachios and it was quite exotic. Tasty but not something I would crave for like fried tofu or popcorn chicken. I can’t possibly call this dinner so I tried to brainstormed on the next stop. I really wanted to try something delicious but there were no motivation to execute that plan. Falling into the indecisiveness struggle, I ended up at Jack-In-The-Box ordering a Buy 1 Get 1 Breakfast Sandwich. Yay for using a coupon but Nay for my taste buds. This is why fast-food restaurant makes money…it’s people like me who like economical prices and convenience. Another thought for eating alone, I realize I am more observant of my surroundings than my food.

Day 2: eating with a friend

As I text my friends to see what their dinner plans were, I found a friend who wanted to grab dinner. It’s interesting how much more exciting it is to have a dinner date than to eat alone. Now I can see why we are social animals. It makes me wonder wonder what goes on in those individuals’ mind who eats alone. They must be occupied with a lot of thoughts in their mind. At least, that’s what I felt. For some reason, the flavor of the food is more distinctive to my taste buds when I am eating with someone. I wonder if there’s an association between my taste buds sensitivity and psycho-social environment. It makes me ponder. ..

As i compared these two scenarios, there are something that I don’t understand…

– why we always use “food” as the excuse to call someone up or why can’t we simply call someone because we want to know how they are doing?

– why is dining out with someone so much more enjoyable than dining alone? Perhaps, it’s not the feeling of enjoyment, it is just two different experiences where one is more memorable than the other.

– why is it so difficult to choose what to eat? This is such a luxury for this generation. We are burdened with too many choices. Back in the days, people didn’t have a choice. It was to eat for survival or die.

– The power of food and how it brings ppl together.


3 thoughts on “Food brings ppl together..why?

  1. nice post.

    when i get back, we are grabbing dinner together! my taste buds are so ready for states’ food!!

    and, boy, do i know how it is when choices lack. here, i eat for the sake of eating. for energy and survival. not fun…

  2. this applies to exercising too! i tend to run more miles when im running with friends than alone.

    I can join ya for dinner next time.

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