I figure since I’m abroad eating so much. I might as well talk about food. =D

Ingenious creation! Fish + Ball = FISHBALL.

+ Ball


Every morning, I wake up thinking about fish balls. How weird is that?  Hong Kong is known as the food heaven, serving delicacies of many cultures. Yet, all I want is fish ball noodles. WTH. Perhaps, I like the simplicity? or maybe I haven’t been expose to better food choices. It’s funny how my satisfaction from eating a bowl of fishball noodles (cost: $3) was higher than  a pot of abalone (cost: ~$100).  I guess this is what people call comfort food. Same goes to the plain, bland congee compared to exotic pork liver congee or fresh seafood congee. Sometimes, I feel like something is wrong with me or perhaps mastering the simple dishes is much difficult than the fancy ones.

Things I’ve chow-down in TWO DAYS: Fish squares Fun Noodles, Little Egg Waffles, HK Milk tea, Dim Sum, Pineapple Bun, Egg Tart, Congee w/ rice cakes, turnip cake, Pork Liver, Fishball Rice Noodles, Home-made Abalone, Chicken Wing Rice Noodles, Street cart K-roasted Squid, French Toast, Mangosteens (2LBs), and Sesame Bread


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