A Moment of Truth

Got inspired by norrios blog so here is my attempt to keep up with my blog.

After a week of transitioning into my new schedule and sitting through the first week of summer class, there were a few big take-home messages that got stuck in my head.

1) The reality of this world look so grim. I feel like such a pessissmistic saying those words but it’s undeniably true because everything is driven by economics (aka MONEY), Politics (aka POWER) and Social culture.  As much as I wish the world doesn’t operate under dollar bills, there are more and more evidence showing how pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies dominates the healthcare polices is horrifying. I guess the hope lies within the social culture because it gives individuals a leeway to lead and form grassroots to push through the limitations.

2) It’s all about storytelling, no matter what you do. It’s so important to know how to tell good stories. Not just in movies and books but it’s an crucial skill to have for life? This is probably the difference between the Great and the Good. We can take the same situation: a good storyteller can make the situation come into life and intrigues others to learn more about it while the not-so-good storyteller basically made the story vanish in thin air. I have a feeling this ability is attained through years and years of experience, but there are also those who are intrinsically good storyteller. I have so much respect for good storytellers. This is probably why I love watching TED presentations. What’s interesting though is that some people don’t even know they are good storytellers. Are you one?

3) Using up Health Reserves. I really like the analogy of health compared to a bank account or a loaded guns. Once everything is fired or used up, this is when the problem starts. If a person knows how to save or reload (aka obtaining balance) then a person’s health would be optimized. What a concept.

After a nice productive week, I get my 3-day weekend. A few plans I’m juggling with this weekend: Ping Pong, Badminton, Hiking and Movie night. Mmmmmmm what else?


One thought on “A Moment of Truth

  1. yeah I agree on how this world’s been revolved too much around money. In one article I read from the LA times, college students tend to choose their major/career to make money, not to fulfill their own interests. So sad.

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