1st Paint Job

Ha.. I kinda felt like a caveman today. Dont’ get me wrong, I am not barbaric, not too hairy, and still fairly clean. I mean I had a lot of free time to think of what to do. It’s the “down time” that really gets people doing random projects. Inspired by Noodle’s bedroom painting project, I decided to paint my bathroom at 1PM today. MAN, I underestimated the amount of labor a paint job requires. Plus, I did laundry and washed my car.  Now, I’m closed to my K.O phase (1 day ago).

This is what I’ve done so far…

1) Took out all the stuff from the B-room such as hangers, shelves, toiletries then searched the house for painting materials. Luckily, I found a brush, a bucket of paint and some joint compound

2)Clean the B-room (found live spiders, lots of hair, dust…etc) Don’t be fooled by all the description, it’s just been awhile since we’ve cleaned it.

3) Wash the walls with detergent

4) Patch all the holes (probably 1 big hole + 3-4 small holes + cracks) with Joint Compound

5) Prep Work: Taped all the edges with painter’s tape and cover the floor, toilet, sink with large trash bags

6) Painting with a brush. The last time I associated myself with a paintbrush is when i used the Paint program on the computer.  Those youtube and videojug clips make it looks sooo easy. Gosh, they deceived me. It takes a lot of muscle work and skills.

… Yes, i started painting but I got tired after finishing the corners… to be continued tomorrow (at least manana, I get a helper)


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