Hiking Hermit Trail

An epiphany that revealed how Donkey Kong came to be…

Sooo here it goes…We saw a few healthy goats around the hiking area today. As the goats “meehhhhhh-ed” at us, a  terrifying, cacophonous roar responded. For a few seconds, I froze  (like what small animals do when  bigger predators are  within the vicinity). “*sigh*  It was Mr. Donkey behind the stable. WTF, seriously, that roar can literally be a sound effect in Jurassic Park or King Kong.  As we hiked, I continued to associate the odd sound to familiar movies sound effects and the light bulb lit up! It’s Donkey.. Donkey Kong :). I wonder if the creator of Donkey Kong got his inspiration from the  daunting experience? Ha, I love how my brain automatically  creates these associations of ideas. [oh, this reminds me of psychology classes] What can I do? It’s the nature of our programmed brain.

BTW, if you’re interested in creek crossing and cliff-diving,  Hermit Trail (approx 1.4 miles) is the one. The downside, you need an adventure pass ($5) to park.


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