First Paint Job (Part II)

An alternative to getting the “drunk sensation”: Painting in an enclosed area with limited ventilation. Please don’t try it at home (even though I unintentionally did it). I guarantee it is definitely not the safest way to do a paint job.

After painting the bathroom door with the door closed, I started to feel dizzy. For a second, I thought I was low in sugar or had too much “happy juice”. But, it was none of the above; It was the chemicals I’ve been inhaling. It turns out that the odor of the paint was much more pungent than normal paint. Why? It was probably expired paint (who knows how long this latex, high-gloss paint has been sitting in my garage?).  I’m glad, I’ve only been painting for 1.5 days. I wonder how many brain cells I’ve been killing. Note to self: Don’t engage in any spontaneous paint jobs again.


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