The Cure for laziness?

If you’re a doctor and someone asks you “Can you find a cure for laziness” ? What is your answer?

It’s funny how my brain automatically started scanning the psychological explanation for laziness. First, laziness is not a physical disability, it’s a psychological one. A person chooses to be lazy. I have a feeling a person with the “laziness disorder” needs just a little motivation to do something. Some people said that laziness is merely a way to live luxuriously. Only people who can afford to do nothing can be lazy…so in this case it’s a compliment if someone said they are lazy? Perhaps, a better word for laziness is relaxation. Who doesn’t like to relax? Just make sure it’s not chronic relaxation… I wonder what will happen then.

On the other hand, there’s the negative connotation of the word laziness (or aka procrastination). This is what boss is not fond of seeing. A person labeled with the “L” word probably need some help figuring out what the bigger picture is. Often time, people with a drive towards an objective would not have a problem with the “L” word.  I wonder if that’s the explanation behind the psychological aspect of the “L” word. What an interesting topic to explore…


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