A mute twist…

I had my first natural experience of a slow-motion, muted perception. I thought this was only possible in video tapes or DVD but I got a taste of what it really felt like in real life.  I guess the pain from twisting  that right ankle shot up to my brain and caused a quick chemical change in my sensory organs. Man, for a split moment.. I thought i was in a fish tank because everything started to look weird and the sounds became filtered (or muted?). It was excruciating pain.. for maybe 2 minutes then my natural endorphins kicked in and I continued with my badminton.  Yes. this is not the first time I continued with what I was doing with an injured foot. I’m quite prone to spraining my ankle.

Minor torn on my Tiblofibular ligament. Got some slight swelling. Pain when I walk. That’s it. Treatment: I’m suppose to RICE it but the only thing I’ve done is elevation. Well.. I got my first acupuncture treatment from school. That was kinda nerve-wreaking, but it went okay. My leg felt like a porcupine.. I seriously didn’t know how many needles were in my right leg. ahah!


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