What a Dream!

Dream UNO- – -Oh remember those cute pokemon characters? Imagine a pink, cute dolphin with a face that resembles a relative of Charmander who has eyes that glisten like Pikachu’s sesame eyes. You would think they are innocent little creature that would not harm a fly or squash a plate of tofu ….BUT they turned out to be deceiving, man-eating monsters. So as these monsters continued to find their next prey, my crew and I safely escaped from the pier and dashed into the research lab/control room. — I suppose I was part of a marine biologist team who are experts in finding the reason and solution to abnormal behavior in animals— and it ends there.

Dream DOS — Para Para “Lollipops” -__-. What the cheese nuggets are these suppose to be? I guess this is what happens when my brain is trying to be retro in dreams? I remember it being like those commercials with the stripes — you know the ones rumored to have embedded subliminal messages.

That’s all i can remember today. But this is the result of a productive SUNDAY & NIGHT. I can’t believe I have not dreamt about MJ yet.


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