Stress provokes Ideas!

“Our Life is what our thoughts make it” – Marcus Aurelius

I looked at my desk calendar and smiled. It sure does reflect what I think would make an impact on life. It means, starting my day with a smile will only make the day that much better. I’m a believer but it may take more than thoughts, perhaps the right timing and the right connections. ..

I don’t understand why I always get all these arbitrary thoughts during exam weeks. Does stress provoke new ideas or new connections? Perhaps, stress automatically puts me in a productive mode where even my breaks are productive? I was brainstorming on how I want to start developing my career path, what I want to accomplish over winter break, what hobbies I should focus one, what books I want to read. I basically have a little “sandi time” for a moment or two.

Ha, while I was thinking of a title to name this entry, it reminded me of an article about differences between geographical location and adaptability. There was a study comparing individuals who live in rural society versus individuals who live in an urban society. Their conclusion stated that urban individuals tend to be “smarter and more efficient” because of stress factors they face on a day to day basis such as competition for jobs, compact space to work in and live in, etc. This, in turn, forces these individuals to think more, to be more efficient, and to be more productive…So next time when you’re stress… means ur brain is creating more room for growth! Hail to “Good Stress”!

Oh..As much as I love what I am learning, I can’t wait until these two weeks are over.


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