Masking Stress

I went to my weekly acupuncture treatment and told the intern that I have a mild headache from stress. My intern tells me, “what? you’re stress? How can that be? You always have a smiley face!’… So my question of the day, does stress have a typical appearance to it? No, because stress happens to everybody and not everybody has the same face all the time?! I guess for those who experience a greater degree of stress, they might have different expression.

This reminds me of a common question that I get from my friends. “do you ever get angry, sad or stress?” and “Why are you always so optimistic?”. I believe I’m a quite normal human being and I do experience the various not-so-happy emotions but these negative energy does not reside too long in my system. I guess I was raised to be an optimistic being. I feel like in every mishap or failure, it is another learning opportunity. I know sometimes my emotions may blind me from understanding the situation but in the end…. every failure, every break-up, and every embarrassing moments makes it a great story to tell.

BUT, did you know … even a fake smile will deceive your body in believing that you’re “happy”. I remember reading a Scientific Mind article about that phenomenon on fooling your mind. A fake smile will trigger the “positive” chemical effect in your body! I thought that was an interesting fact to know.

Ok, now let’s practice…. SMILE.


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