Pet Peeves

Everybody has them, even me.. I would like to be someone who would be “okay” about everything but that’s not realistic. I got hit by one of my pet peeves and I felt like this little face below—deep, deep inside– plus some extra verbal statements. The verbal statements were not very necessary but I care too much to not say a word. I figure if i keep silent, the pet peeve action will only persist and repeat itself so might has well do something about it. As of now, I only have two pet peeve that I can identified, both have to do with respect and consideration.

Pet Peeve numero uno (1): Passenger constantly on the phone or texting while I am driving, especially when there is only ONE passenger in the car. (this also applies to dining out) numero dos (2): An MJ leg that is multi-tasking/distracted from THE GAME. (this also applies in any other board games, social game, etc).

Ohh.. I am glad that these minor annoyances don’t get stuck in my system. Actually, pet peeves are not bad things to have, right? When I identify them, it just reveals a little more about my values. I guess sometimes it would be nice to know someone’s pet peeves so we can prevent emotional fluctuations. Wouldn’t you?


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