Exhilarating Moments

This video makes me smile. It reminds me of the term “childhood innocence” ( 童真).  I  am not sure if that term is universal but it basically describes the purity of thought and action in children. As kids, they are entitled to be free of worries/responsibilities. Their only duty is to play and learn (which I still try to do a lot of in addition to all the “adult things” :P) .  The most adorable thing about kids is that their feeling and thoughts can be read on their faces unlike adults. Adults would put on facades and bottle up their feelings inside so the world would not judge them. Why is that? What happened?

One more thing, what happened to our energy? When will I live through an exhilarating moment like those kids slurping a spongebob straw? I got closed to it when I had an Earth Hand in MJ. That was weird though, there was a disconnect between my mind and body.  My body did not know how to react to that excitement until a little later. I wished I could of expressed my joy like those kids, screaming and jumping with glee. May be someday…I believe there is still a little kid in all of us.  🙂


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