” sometimes the longer path IS the shortcut”

I am very grateful that I am in a position to meet many professionals in the medical field.  I had a good conversation with a doctor from China and he gave me his 2 cent on this crossroad that I’m in.  He also concluded with a phrase ” sometimes the longer path is a shortcut” that made me question: ” should I challenge myself and also pursue a track in western medicine?”.

I persuaded myself that the western medicine route was not necessarily the path I wanted to step into. I am a true believer in the holistic modality and wanted to learn other tools to help people. I also know that western medicine is obtainable if I needed to search for something medical so was it necessary to go through the training if I wanted to help those who are in their sub-clinical conditions?

BUT,  little did I know that politics play such a big role in the real world.  If I wanted to do something, I will need a recognizable credential. If I am a fresh graduate out of oriental medical school, I will only fall under a big category of CAM that is constantly struggling for recognition of its effective clinical outcomes.  Medical doctors are still the ones at the top of the hierarchy in US Health field, unlike China where Doctors from both Eastern Medicine and Western medicine are on the same level. If I want to do something more, I will eventually need to partner up with a Western Doc because this is the way our society works! ‘sigh’

As I am reconsidering my path in medicine, I revisited some of my fears that I had such as 1) the work in preparing for application (MCATs, Courses, Resume Building…etc), 2) the dreadful application process, 3) the uncertainty of being accepted to a medical school,  4) The cost of application, and 5) the long, rigorous medical program. Ultimately, the actually fear and concern was the long training that might not be enough to be an effective healer that really steered me away. I would much rather be practicing a hands-on therapeutic modality (ie. chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc.) and be connected to treating patients than to immerse myself in books. I wanted to have a set of tools, something hands on. I grew up observing western doctors who only prescribed medication and wrote referrals–nothing that really made me feel that my doctor did something for me. I realize I may be very naive at that point because medical doctors are underestimated for their medical knowledge…

“sometimes the longer path IS the shortcut” …what do I want to do?


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