V Day or v(‘.’)v Day

Since it’s the month of February, valentine’s day tends to be a favorite discussion on American Radio. Today’s topic was “would you rather be in a relationship on valentines’ day or party with a group of friends on valentine’s day?. I guess each sides has its ups and downs. At this moment, I would rather spend time with a close group of friends or a person than to be partying it up. V day just makes me appreciate and be grateful for all my friends and family who I love very much. It’s almost like another Thanksgiving day :). Enough said.

In my house, V-day is just another ordinary day since CNY is the highlight of the month. Last year, I remember I had to pick between a table full of delicious, gourmet food for CNY or a surprised home-cook dinner. It was a tough one but I picked the surprised which was quite sweet and awesome. As for now, I’m am actually hyped up for the CNY celebration in ONE day :). I already have CNY decoration up….only waiting for the CNY food!

Here’s a little cute Valentine song that I still like very much.


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