Sliding Cups

The cupping methods always felt like a mystery to me until today. One may ask what is cupping. There is no better way to explain but to use pictures to explain. Here what it entails:

A flame (or suction) is used to create a “vacuum effect” in the cups. It’s kind of the same concept of a kid trying to suck out all the O2 in a glass cup to make it stay on their face (as my friend commented). This therapeutic treatment is also notorious for its temporary marks (as below) but is often a misinterpretation of the cupping method. Often time, certain marks reveal the person’s condition (read more about cupping here). The site actually does a good job in explaining what happens to the body during cupping.

SOO..I experienced the “sliding cups” –where the cups were slid back and forth instead of stationary cups. It left no marks and felt AMAZING!  Before I had the sliding cup treatment, my shoulder and neck were tense from studying. After the few minutes of Sliding cups, my body feels GREAT! My goodness, didn’t know cupping was that effective on musculoskeletal issues. It’s as good as a body massage if not better! This therapeutic model definitely has potential, especially for those who are athletes! I will definitely need to fine tune my skills on this. I’m looking for volunteers to practice on…. :D.


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