Limitations sprout creativity

CPR class was a good workout for a saturday morning. Five sets of 30x compression + two breath+ counting aloud is definitely an upper body plus back strengthening exercise. The record for the longest CPR was only four hours before the victim regain some vital signs (which was pretty amazing since cpr is usually used to buy the victim some time until an AED is used to shock the heart back in rhythm). I wonder how many people who are CPR certified actually have a chance to apply their skills in a real life scenario. For some reason CPR makes me think about emergency responses in the jungle or somewhere where medical professional and supplies are not available. Ie along the same line of “man versus nature ” kind of business. What do we do then? Its going to be a test of knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness. At one point of my life or even now, I would want to be knowledge enough to know what to do at those scenarios. This is Another reason why I have so much respect for Doctors without borders and doctors who work @ third world countries, those physicians need to adapt to their environment and work effectively with what they have. Perhaps, in general I have a lot of respect for people who can make the best out of their scenario by simply using some creativity…

Does limitation sprout creativity or does it depend on the person?? I like to believe it’s a combination of both


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