Best way to ease a Headache

This is not the typical headache. It’s the headache that I get when I resume to my working schedule after a nice relaxing weekend. It’s the headache that tells you,”Ah, I need to get use to this fast pace life again–headache”. It’s the headache that makes me realized that I’m undergoing stress. So, now what? One may suggest, “pop in a pill!” but is it the best way to deal with it? The pill will only suppress the symptoms temporarily, until my body adjusts itself and I don’t want to be depended on a pill. On a mission to ease my headache, I tried to do a few things that helped my headache (HA).

1) Ask for a Back Rub/Head Rub — this actually alleviated the tension on my back and neck. According to one of the clinicians, headaches often are caused by the tension in the trapezius muscles and the neck muscles. The massage felt good and for a little while, it really helped ease the HA,

2) Socialize with a good friend — Yes this did distract me from my pounding HA.  I did feel a little better when I’m in the middle of the conversation but my right temple was still pounding after the talk

3) Playing Music — I seriously think this is my way of therapy for myself. I sit in front of the keyboard and let whatever notes float through my fingers. As I get  immersed into the melody, I would feel like I am in a different world. It’s quite phenomenon experience. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like feeling of creating something or being productive without using any effort, it’s a interesting yet GOOD feeling.

4) Listening to some BACH Bradenburg – similar to the #3 experience (kind of). I feel like my brain is on “yoga” when i listen to BACH or something similar to his classical pieces. It helps me clear my mind yet “strengthens” it. It’s interesting how I  get more energized after listening to a good BACH piece.

5) A Good Hug — Nothing feels better than a good hug from mama and/or friend(s). I guess this is the therapeutic touch effect? Whatever it is, it’s working :).

I wonder if these approaches would work for everybody? Maybe it only applies to my Headache, who knows.


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