What happened to the Guilt?

I confess, I am a terrible student this quarter. It is midterm week and I am hardly prepared for any midterms. I know I did poorly on my quiz today since I “forgot” to study. I don’t know what is wrong with me but for some reason… my interest and drive plummeted for the past week. I did not feel like studying nor did I feel like reading. All of sudden this academic drive went on a vacation. What did I do with the time? I used it to browse through RSS feeds, learning about the latest technological advancements, applications, design updates and etc. I was busy trying to update myself with today’s technology and planning to hone my skills on various applications. What was weird was that I did not have the “guilty” feeling for not studying. It was quite odd because it’s usually the feeling that made sure I would attend class and study everyday. It’s funny, now I can understand why people would skip class because there wasn’t this invisible guilt. But I am still curious,,, what happened?

I guess it was the bridge between “learning –because you have to” and “learning–because you want to learn more” because now.. I have regained my energy to study.I am grateful that I had the opportunity to listen to two experienced professional talk about their experiences and insights. It really shed light to what I want to do.


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