The Crave for Immediate Results

The crave for immediate results. Is this an American thing? or is this a human nature thing? There are some things that we can attain immediate results and there are things that we can’t. We cannot expect to become experts overnight (even if one decides to cram a 12 hour night worth of information and retain it). Some things just take time. As much as I understand this concept that knowledge does not get inputted overnight, i find myself unconsciously evaluating based on the immediate effects. My question is what can we evaluate immediately and what can you not? Perhaps, the more complex and interconnected systems cannot be evaluated immediately without taking into account the multi-factorial influences it contains, for example the human body that is intertwine with so many different physiological systems, where your cardiovascular system is actually communicating with multiple parts of the body. Perhaps, we should anticipate that any topic that is interconnected with one another such as relationships, one’s health, etc takes time to see results. As I’m starting to see more and more complex system arise, I am wondering if we can evaluate systems by patterns similar to what the Chinese did to the complex human body. Western science breaks down the body into pieces to fully understand the different components of the body compared to the Chinese traditional system that evaluate the human body based on systemic patterns. Taking a similar approach to various complex system, would there be a pattern that we can interpret or reveal something more about a complex system?

Immediate Results = From specific components
Longer Results = From Complex systems

Is this a plausible theory?


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