Nothing Better than a Karaoke Sess

There’s nothing better than a good karaoke night! It’s always fun to sing with buddies who have the same enthusiasm for some pop songs (aka taylor swift, etc). I think the people who you sing with really makes a different in the karaoke experience. The energy can be bounced back and forth. When one is down, the energy recycles and the next thing I’ll notice.. I am up and ready to sing my lungs out on the next song! I remember I joined a karaoke sess where only "the star" would sing everything. I don’t understand? Is the purpose of karaoke..listening to other people sing? I can do that at home, listening to the real artists. I feel like everybody should experience the true karaoke, where there should be no barriers in how you should sing the song. I am also a fan of singing in group or at least in a pair, I got to admit the chemistry and social bonding is quite different from solo singing. Karaoke should be a time to relax and relieve all the tension from work. Go enjoy yourself and cherish the moment. We only live once right? 🙂


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