Vegetarian for a Week

After a night of indulging pounds of meat, my body is screaming for a “cleanse” and I agreed. So, I challenged myself to a one week vegetarian diet (starting Saturday). It is the second day and I feel great. I am limited to my options since I am accustomed to some sort of meat (fish, chicken, beef) in my meals but this is when limitation creates opportunity to try something new and room for creativity. I bought taro and a turnip, thinking of making my CNY dish but i forgot that those dishes requires minced pork and “lap cheung”.–failed attempt since I am trying to be vegetarian for a week. So I spent the afternoon figuring out how to use my “special ingredients” and finally cooked two dishes: green onions taro stew and fried eyes with diced taro and green beans. It was not bad for a noob cooking :). This vegetarian challenge is actually making me plan out my meals for the week. I am starting to like it….

I also like the feeling of abstinence. It feels like my mind is more powerful than my stomach. :D. FIVE MORE DAY TO GO…

[the meal that started this vegetarian challenge]


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