Thought of job searching

I am content with part-time job until I took a peak at my bank account. As much as I don’t want to think about finances, reality has slowly trickled in. Paying tuition bills with my whole paycheck keeps my account at a bare minimum. One problem I have is that I fail to think of myself when it comes to taking advantage of benefits, asking for promotions, etc.. I can easily consult others but cannot apply it to myself. I always thought that if I excel on my job then the rewards would fall in place. I guess I thought wrong. I’m not really getting paid based on performance but I still feel obligated to give it my 200%. Why is that? Perhaps, I like to see productivity? I guess this might be called having a strong work ethic? I find myself browsing through job openings and delve into IT jobs– jobs that often have a higher base salary. I believe I do have enough IT knowledge to be competent for an IT position but would it be what I like to do? What other options do I have? I can pursue a consulting, a field that I always loved because it demands analyses and understanding of something at a deeper level then decipher how certain ideas and strategies can be applied. Is this a distraction from my studies?? Or is this an opportunity to expand my job experiences??


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