1 year Work experience

A packed and satisfying work day. It’s interesting to have such a dynamic, productive Saturday. I had the opportunity to talk and mingle with many individuals while supervising the conference that we have been working on for the past months. Then celebrated our successful conference with a scrumptious chinese dinner. When I look back on the conference, it reminded me on how much I have grown. It has been one year; I have accumulated a full year of work experience. Now, in additional to work I have school! I am glad to have a part time job to subsidize the cost if my tuition fee but I always wonder if I should find a full time job to help cover my financial expenses. It’s been one year working and I am wondering how I can further hone my skills. I have gradually improved on communication and organization yet I still have room to grow. I wonder how I can acquire my skill? Would I need to plan for it or should I wait to be assigned?


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