Lesson 1: Lingering cough

As a student learning anatomy, pathology, chinese medicine and western medicine, you get a different learning experience from simply being ill.  Who knows that my lingering cough has become one of my valuable learning experience, right? I read about respiratory symptoms and treatments but never really know what it really feels like. Usually I can only live through the Symptoms my patients experience but now I get to experience it first hand! BUT, in the last two days.. I experienced what real wheezing felt like, cough attacks, phlegm with tinged blood, etc. ..

What I learned when I’m sick:

– Running makes me wheeze. If I continue running, it will only make it worse

– The more I try not to cough, the more it backfires then it  would turn into a horrifying cough attack.

-Now I have a few food remedies for coughs 🙂


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