Concept of Synergy: in human body.

Never thought I would be so fascinated with the concept of synergy. How do I define synergy?  Why is this so fascination? My idea of synergy is simply the combination of things is greater than the individual. aka synergy= 1+1 does not =2 but something more than just 2 => Synergy = 1+1 = 2+. I’m not sure if the example makes sense in equation but this concept is more relevant in terms of systems interactions rather than 1 or 2 component interactions. A fascinating example is the human body. The human body has probably 12-13 organ systems such as integumentary system, respiratory system, digestive system and etc and all these systems are constantly interacting with each other in what we refer to as a living person. This is when organ + organ does not = 2 organ but = life (which is quite awesome and complex if I think about i). This is why the human body is so sophisticated and beautiful.

If we look at this idea in terms of interacting system, so when one person has a problem with one system, it will gradually affect the others. All of a sudden, this reminds me of the entire cascade of mechanism in biochemistry and neuroscience class. Haha, how one minor thing can change and affect so many pathways. It gets a little too overwhelming when I start looking at the cellular level. Though it’s important to understand the activities in the cellular level, but how do we know what interaction are the milestones that produces a symptom in the body? This is so difficult to decipher. Where is the translational part in understanding the cellular level that would apply to the clinical practice?  This is why I’m always a little hesitant about pharmaceutical drugs. I know they help with the specific pathway but how do i know that what I ingested does not affect other pathways in my body, which in turns causes side effects?

Another amazing function of the body that I am intrigued with is our body’s ability to heal itself and adapt While we are poisoning ourselves with unhealthy foods or what not and potent environmental chemicals, our body’s natural ability to heal would kick in and help detox. Our body is like Wolverine from X-men except our body is more fragile,  cannot regenerate everything so quickly and claws would not suddenly thrust out of our hands…

Maybe this concept of synergy is making me understand the human body, health and medicine in a new light…


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