An Interest in Ergonomics

One of the reason I am studying Chinese Medicine is because it’s health oriented and not disease oriented. My main interest is prevention and how to optimize a person’s health. There are many contributing factors that lead to illness and one inevitable cause is Stress.  After we identify one topic, we can subdivide stress into the different types and the goods and bads (distress and eutress) but I will stop there and focus on environmental stress on the body, especially posture and our surroundings. In Chinese medicine, we understand the human body as an interconnected network between the mind-environment-body; it’s like a mini eco-system or universe of its own! Anyways, back to the topic of Ergonomics, I stumble upon a furniture site and saw these ridiculously expensive office chairs and I thought to myself:

Why the F8&^*& are these chairs so expensive? So only rich people can afford ergonomic furniture while poor people will have to suck-it-up and deal with the “regular” furniture? Is this why our lower class population have more health problem? (i wonder if there are any statistics about this). All these ads makes it seem like ergonomic items are for the rich but we can always makeshift simple things to achieve something close to “ergonomic-al certified”. As long as we have a basic idea of what the optimal posture and position is, I am pretty certain that with a dash of creativity..any work station can be ergonomic friendly. I guess this will be a topic I should research on. Perhaps, I should consider getting certify as a professional ergonomic designer…


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