Coffee & Tea Shop Hopping

To make studying an adventure, I embarked on a mission to explore different coffee and tea cafes in the neighborhood. Although I might be bound to one or another because of cost, friends and/or food for a while, there are days where I try new places. Recently, I was inspired by a mentor to live life and go on adventures. No doubt that life is an adventure itself but hearing stories about how she explore with National Geographic experts, travelled to the North and South poles with close encounters with animals I’ve only seen in pictures and meet amazing people around the world makes me question how much am I doing to my life to enhance my experiences. I can choose to live on the edge. I can choose to live a simple life. So at this stage of life, what do I want to experience? As I ask myself this question, I remembered my friend and I made a list of the things we want to experience within the next 10 years. I vaguely remember what I listed but to remind myself I will list them again so I can keep a record.

  • Travel: Visit the natural and man-made wonders of the world (this is a life-time goal)
  • Create a product
  • Acquire an expertise
  • Be involved with a non-profit organization
  • Learn to love someone? (or be willing to love…)
  • Be fluent in Chinese (read, speak, write) and speak conversational Japanese, Korean, Spanish
I dont’ remember what else I said but I shall remind myself to “Live all you can; its a mistake not to” (Henry James) . For some reason when I think of LIVING LIFE, this idea rarely involves electronics or watching drama but enjoying my time with friends and family, nature, and food. :). Life is what you make of it….(time to venture off!)

2 thoughts on “Coffee & Tea Shop Hopping

  1. people with the same birthdays think alike 😉

    let’s go on an adventure! one of my goals is to travel to all the wonders of the world as well….and step foot on all 7 continents. it will happen 🙂

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