Nostalgic Weekend

After a 90s blast to the past housewarming party, the music reminded me of my childhood and teeny days. Overwhelmed with a nostalgic moment, I reflected and web-surfed youtube on all the oldies. I’ll have find some time to trace back more memories but here are a few key memories I still recall…

  • My only music CDs on a 15 hour flight was BSB’s Millenium and Backstreet’s Back and I’m pretty sure I looped it for every second I was on that plane. I sleep, ate, drank BSB at that time. I was such a fan that I remember my mini-crew and I would imitated dance sequences of BSB music performances. [the ultimate B-crew game: hide-in-the-dark while the adults MJed]
  • Major Power Ranger fans. I remember my cousins and I were all a “ranger” and whenever we meet up after Chinese School, we would morph into our Power Ranger Phase… good times
I never knew how proud I am to live through the 90s. I wonder what would the 2000s generation remember about their childhood days? Whatever it is, I doubt it’s half as good as the 90s, we got the Disney Classics, the Boy and Girl Bands and Sailor Moon. 🙂

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