Anger Food

It’s a funny thing how human have a sixth sense to automatically detect the sight, sound and smell of anger. I walked into a room today and immediately picked up the smell of stress wrapped with pissed-off sauce.  It’s an awkward feeling, it’s like recognizing the problem and not doing anything about it. Am I suppose to fuel this anger with inflammables and try to break into the emotions? Or should have I attempt to find some tasty “ice candy” and try to lighten the mood with some sweets? This is when I wish I was a natural impromptu comedian. I could easily share a few lines and sprinkle some humor to dissolve the stress-caused anger. This actually makes me appreciate mediators and those who are in customer service. It’s not easy to deal with agitated individuals and it probably takes a lot of patients to deal with them.

I wish resolving anger is as easy as asking a child to eat vegetables. Perhaps, there are foods that might do the magic–will definitely do more research on this!


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