Our extraordinary senses

As a student of medicine–regardless the East or West, it is important to know exactly why one wants to go into the field. The intention is so important. These few weeks as I started my first quarter in clinical practice there were quite a few insights that I came to realized. Before I started, I learned that it is important to be on the list of “good interns”. At first, I asked myself: “What does it mean when a patient requests a good intern?” There are so many aspect to that question? Are they looking for someone who can speak the same language? Are they looking for someone with technical precision when needling? What kind of characteristics does the “good intern” have that a bad intern will lack?

If i step back and look at this as a patient, I assume a good intern would have (1) adequate knowledge of what they are doing with (2) decent accuracy and (3) compassion. Out of the three requirements that i have, I suppose only number 3 is commonly used to determined if a intern is “good”. My assumption is that if an intern have enough compassion, it will imply that the intern will go beyond their studies to resolve and understand the problem and find a suitable treatment. 

I have been treating quite a few individuals who practices meditation and yoga. It is interesting experience having such patients because they are extremely sensitive to “energy”. I have been getting the comment; “I really like you, you have really good energy I can sense it” ..on their first impression of me as I start taking their medical history. In my mind, I don’t really understand how they came up with such conclusion. Does our body have the ability to really distinguish the “good” versus “Bad” intrinsically? 


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