First world problems

It is weird that I did not realize this sooner but here are my thoughts. I did not realized how powerful an individual is in their community. Remember the cartoon that advocated doing a good deed for someone and having the person pass on three more good deeds? That’s an example on how a person has the potential in changing their community but i never thought much about it.

At every family gathering, I paid special attention to our interactions with one another. Odd that I can pick out what could be improved in terms of communication and mannerism. It was very interesting to see how the dynamic of the group differs, depending on who’s sitting in the table. I can sense the subtle change in behavior when an elderly is in the table compared to a table full of individuals in the same generation. It just reminds me on how Chinese people really emphasize the importance of respect.

When I come to think about it, there are plenty of family stress in any household. If a only a family member can spend some quality time with each other and listen to them, I wonder if that will help with all the misunderstanding and unnecessary stress that affects health? The first world problem no longer deals with survival but psychological stress —a silent killer.


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