Waking up to the Right Music

The moment that sets the mood for the day– waking up. I love it when my body wakes me up before my alarms. Unfortunately, like many others, I rely on my alarm clock to snap me back into life so I am ready for work and school. My music selection varies between jazzy tunes to some karaoke able songs. I feel like there’s a science behind waking up the right way with the right music. The music can be dissected into speed, quality, variety, mood and volume. The music quality cannot be too abrupt that shocks me to life but needs to gradually lift me up. Volume that is loud enough to wake me up but does not leave my ears ringing. It also has to be an upbeat song with or without lyrics. Once my mood and body is bouncing into rhythm then it sets the tone for the rest of the day–until 2PM…

Sleep is such an essential part of life. Though we do not know why we must sleep– it does help our body restore itself. Being asleep is when body is allowed to recharge without the interruptions from our emotional and conscious state. Those who have problem with sleeping—is it because their overactive thoughts? is it their biological rhythm? is it their imbalances within the body? I would assume all of them. As I’m trying to grasp a better understanding of sleep in both the West and East–it makes me realize that sleep disorder deals with much more than just the brain.. it’s the body physiology and how the systems are interacting. This is why the simple question of “how are you sleeping?” would reveal a lot about a person’s health condition. This is such a fascinating field to look into..

I know sometimes we feel like there’s not enough time in our hands thus we sacrifice sleep to do more important tasks. But it is as important to eat is to sleep–it’s part of refueling the body for the great tasks that lies ahead.