Who needs college? That’s the title of the NPR talk that featured a young entrepreneur who dropped out of Princeton to pursue an idea through Peter Thiel’s fellowship and gained an experience that would not have been provided in college. During the time away from college, she found her inner calling of what she wanted to do and decides to go back to college.  Now she can take advantage of the opportunities and reap the true benefit of college.

How many of us know what we really, really want to do entering college? At first, I thought that’s why we go to college—to find our true calling of what we wanted to do. But aren’t kids in college much more confused on what to do after college? In this case, would it be wise to consider delaying college plans and venture in real-life experiences? Or maybe this is why those who pursue graduate degrees took time away to learn what they are really passionate about so by the time they enter their graduate studies–they can truly enjoy and take advantage of the resources that are readily available.

A philosophy that have always stuck with me is that resources and opportunities are not limited in the academic setting. Anybody, anywhere can learn from anybody, anywhere and anything. Everybody or even any animal or anything has their strengths and weakness so if we look around us–we are surrounded by gems and pearls that can enlighten us. The world is fascinating!  Now, I spy a gem, do you?

Thanks NPR for inspiring this reflection on my personal philosophy. Now back to the game-face–bring it on Finals!


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