About Me

About me: Sandi Chiu reporting from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. As an ABC, I embrace being the bridge between my Chinese background and the all-American culture. I lived in a global family where my parents are often separated by the pacific ocean–not sure how they did it but at least I get a legitimate excuse to travel where I have learnt to appreciate the events and people who comes in and out of my life. My family healthcare experience’s contributed to my budding interest and curiosities in complementary & alternative medicine, more specifically in Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicinal Foods. In retrospect,  it was those skeptical moments — when I drank my mother’s mysterious decoction that my painful mouth sores disappeared– that made me a believer. I was then set on a mission to understand why and how. Currently, my research and clinical interest is in sleep, stress, aging and food.

I love traveling and eating–the best combination ever.  Go Bruins 🙂

Objective of the Blog: A place to collect my thoughts and reflection on fascinating topics prompted by experience and interests. My intention was not to share this with the world but who knows I might solicit some like-minded people who would stir up a discussion and develop a connection.

Current Mission: Mastering the art of Chinese Medicine and the science of Western Medicine then integrating both East and West concepts to promote health and prevent illness in family, friends and the community.

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