Anger Food

It’s a funny thing how human have a sixth sense to automatically detect the sight, sound and smell of anger. I walked into a room today and immediately picked up the smell of stress wrapped with pissed-off sauce.  It’s an awkward feeling, it’s like recognizing the problem and not doing anything about it. Am I suppose to fuel this anger with inflammables and try to break into the emotions? Or should have I attempt to find some tasty “ice candy” and try to lighten the mood with some sweets? This is when I wish I was a natural impromptu comedian. I could easily share a few lines and sprinkle some humor to dissolve the stress-caused anger. This actually makes me appreciate mediators and those who are in customer service. It’s not easy to deal with agitated individuals and it probably takes a lot of patients to deal with them.

I wish resolving anger is as easy as asking a child to eat vegetables. Perhaps, there are foods that might do the magic–will definitely do more research on this!


Loving wine

Our five senses have always been a keen interest of mine. I love good music– hearing, I love beautiful artwork and design elements– seeing, I love the scent of natural and citrus fragrant– smelling, I love the softness of blankets and hair–touch, and I love scrumptious food and drinks–taste.

Taste is one of senses that makes life interesting and exciting. I had my first legitimate wine tasting afternoon today and it’s quite a experience than drinking wine at home. I actually had the chance to compare the difference between wines, side by side! It was fun and exciting to introduce new tastes to my taste buds. I’m also very grateful to share this experience with m fellow wine enthusiasts :). One of the most satisfying day so far…now I want to go to wineries to learn and taste some more!!

What are you “Faygo”?

I’m confused yet amazed to find these 8 vibrant bottles sitting on my desk. What do these soda pop have in common? I find their niffy names quite amusing such as “Kickapoo joy juice”, “Moxie”, “Sweet Blossom”, “Sessbitt’s”. One of the company name is “Faygo” which I find hilarious but I guess it has multiple interpretations.

According to my friend, “faygo” means = luck
According to my Zhong Wen, “faygo” means= fat jelly
According to my porquito Espanol, “faygo” sounds like “feo” (ugly)

So much can come from just one word… oh the beauty of languages.

The Plan: to make CNY Taro Cake

In an effort to get into the Chinese New Year spirit, I will attempt to make a CNY dish–the TARO CAKE. This is not your typical Chinese Bakery Dessert Cake, this is THE TARO CAKE you get at dim sum places. The little rectangular pieces with bits and pieces of meat. Since my family hardly ever make anything for CNY, this will be the first attempt of a CNY dish :). I found a recipe online with step by step instructions — CNY Food Recipe Site. If this turn out well, it might encourage me to cook more. I hope it will at least look something like this…

Herbal Tea – Cinnamon

As I reviewed my notes for my”Herbalogy ” (with an British accent) final, I definitely have found Chinese Herbs much more fascinating than before. I further developed an interest on how herbs are incorporated to gourmet dishes. How these herbs can enhance flavor and add a medicinal effect on food. Little did I know that this type of culinary arts have been used thousand of years ago during the Chinese Dynasties. It was like brushing the tip of a glacier where there is much more to learn about. This makes me want to improve my Chinese so I can read through Chinese historical cookbooks. I wonder what those would look like? Would they have measurements? or would it be like how my grandmother does it: by “experience”. Did I mention how my grandmother never really measured how much seasoning she puts in the food, she just knows. Perhaps, this is how I adapted a quite versatile cooking style. Or Perhaps, this is why I always fail at baking because it always required an exact measurement and order (like a stubborn baby??). Recently, I have been experimenting with herbal teas :).  I made concoctions of  herbs that are good for digestion,  insomnia, strengthening the body, and others all in one tea. It’s fun to experiment with the taste while knowing the function behind each herb.

For the Winter time, the TCM Clinician recommended a herbal tea that includes Cinnamon, Ginger and Dried Red Dates (aka Jujubees) to warm the body. What amazes me is how these herbs work? So, I looked up some facts about Cinnamon and found that it is not only a delicious spice but has many functions. It strengthen the circulatory system and is usually used in TCM treatment for  lower back pains, cold hands and feet, fatigue, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Is this why during the Winter season, Ginger and Cinnamon is used so often? Perhaps, traditions last this long for a reason?

CINNAMON-GINGER-DATES Herbal Tea – I tried it today and it’s delicious. It also feels very warming and the sweetness from this tea makes it very smoothing for the body. ENJOY!  -S


Gather your 3 ingredients: (1) 1-3 Cinnamon Sticks/bark, (2) 2-3 slices of Ginger, (3) 3-5 Dried Red Dates

Boil them for 15-20mins and serve it hot.

Fish Bento Box

Fish "Bento Box"

This was my first time working with frozen fish fillet. I tossed together what I have in the refrigerator and created an fusion bento box. Ingredients I used for this quick creation: cod, red bell pepper, rice, sesame seeds, olive oil, corn starch, cajun seasoning, and udemame (green beans).

My “must have”s  for a scrumptious lunch box:

1) Color

2) A balance of vegetables and protein

3) Taste